HA510 Discussion 9 Unit 2&3

In two different paragraph give your personal to Brittany Shorter and T’Nazja Scott 

T’Nazja Scott 

The Cycle of Supervisory Functions consists of planning, organizing, staffing, influencing, and controlling. The Stages of Change Model includes six steps (precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, and termination) to making a change in an organization. The initial observation is that both processes contribute to changes made in an organization. Not only are both processes comprised of steps, the steps also show similarities. Both the precontemplation and contemplation stages of the change model are similar to the planning stage in the Cycle of Supervisory Functions. In fact, the preparation and organizing stages also has similarities. For each stage of change, different intervention strategies are most effective at moving the person to the next stage of change and subsequently through the model to maintenance, the ideal stage of behavior (LaMorte, 2019). It is safe to say that for this model, each stage is as interrelated and goal-driven as the Cycle of Supervisory Functions (Dunn, 2016).

Dunn, R. (2016). Dunn and Haimanns Healthcare Management (10th ed.). Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.

LaMorte, W. (2019). Behavioral Change Models. Retrieved from http://sphweb.bumc.bu.edu/otlt/MPH-Modules/SB/BehavioralChangeTheories/BehavioralChangeTheories6.html.

Brittany Shorter 

The Stages of Change Model is a continuous process where each stage affects the other. These stages correlate to the roles and responsibilities of a supervisor with their own sets of tasks. The Cycle of Supervisory Functions includes planning, organizing, staffing, influencing, and controlling.

Managerial functions start with the planning process, which determines the approach for attaining the goals of the organization, just like the precontemplation stage in not being involved with the foreseeable future. The nonsupervisory employees are unaware of the future tasks coming their way.

Organizing determines how an objective will be met, which involves part of the contemplation stage with the consideration of the pros and cons of the changes that are decided. When the supervisors have effectively identified the positions needed to be filled and are ready to start the selection process to fill positions needed, this initiates the employees change for select. The staffing function is in agreeance to the preparation stage, because employees are ready to take steps and action toward the new change and job.

Managers must be able to Influence by taking action to encourage and mentor employees to change their behaviors to accomplish task on their own. Controlling is ensuring the environment and tasks are being met, while maintaining the behavior change going forward. As supervisors move through each of the 5 functions, they are also encountering stages of change.


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