HA425 Unit 10 Discussion


Discussion responses should be at least 250 words

Post your answer to the following topics (one post answer). Be thoughtful, creative, and work to advance the Discussion.

Topic 1: Choose one of the case studies in Chapter 10 and give your recommendations on how the organization could improve their operations and quality. Discuss how the knowledge you have gained in the course will propel you forward in the field of healthcare that you are pursuing.

On two different paragraph give your personal opinion to Janesia Hawkins and  Lindsey Miner 

Janesia Hawkins 

Hello all,

Discuss how the knowledge you have gained in the course will propel you forward in the field of healthcare that you are pursuing.

First I just want to say I have really enjoyed this class. After I finish school I plan on interning at my job as a AIT so I can prepare to take the test to become and nursing home admin. Things I learned about CQI  is that improved is everything. Learning to recognize

areas that can continued to be worked on such as patient experience. Also coming up with plans on how to approach different aspects of CQI. I use CQI on a daily basis at work but taking this class has made me really understand why CQI is so important and know what to do when improvement is needed. Having more knowledge would be helpful moving into upper management that way I can pass what I know on to staff and co workers and let help them understand the importance of CQI  and how it’s very beneficial to both the company and the patients/customers. I wish everyone good luck in their journey and it’s being a pleasure,


 Lindsey Miner 

Hello for the last time Professor Kane and Class (at least for this semester)!

I work on the Quality Improvement team within my organization. With this class I have not only learned so much more in depth ways of improving our quality of care I have also pitched several new ideas to our Quality team based off of the information I have learned. Understanding how process improvement works is extremely important and I can now clearly help my organization move forward as well as if I move into another position in the future. 

What I have really enjoyed is that I not only learned about quality improvement but I have also taken away some very important career based knowledge and understanding. 

I would like to say Thank you to all of you for I have not only learned from Professor Kane but I have also learned from each and everyone of you. 

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