Globalization (1)*****Already A++ Rated Tutorial Use as Guide Paper*****

In this module, we have studied Cultural Imperialism and Americanization. For this essay, you will address how Disney might be considered as a leading force of US imperialism. Do you agree with this concept? Why or why not? Give examples.

This paper should be 2 pages, in APA style, utilizing the college’s library resources. One scholarly article as a minimum should be included in your essay.number 2 

This week, you are to write a course project portfolio essay on the issue of globalization. Give an example of a current, active website that is based in the US, which expresses the values of globalization, and analyze the site.

Your essay should answer the following questions:What is globalization, and in what ways has the Internet served as a vehicle for it?What cultural values do the site you chose reflect?What political values are reflected?Is the site culturally or politically biased in some way? Explain.How are these values that are reflected by the website distinctly American?

Your thesis for this essay should attempt to argue why this site is an example of the values of globalization, and use your answers from the questions above to explain why this is true.

This essay should be 3 pages, in APA style, utilizing the college’s library resources. Please include at least one scholarly resource as a minimum in your essay.



number 3


Describe where the sources of power and influence exist in your organization. What do you need to do to have access to them? Explain the major factors that lead to obtaining the benefits of power and influence. Describe what one can do to increase one’s own share of that power.

Your submitted assignment should be 4 pages and include correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Be sure to cite your sources per APA formatting.


number 4

Select an article (from Current Business Periodical such as the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Fortune, etc) that describes an example of an effective team. Briefly summarize the activities and results of this team. What made this team effective? What traits did the team exhibit that would you useful to you as a leader? Support your assertions with cited research.

Your submitted assignment should be 3 pages in APA format and includes correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar usage.

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