Fraction Lesson Plans

Select a CCRS related to Number and Operations in Fractions. Using the “Class Profile,” create three lesson plans with activities that:Use models in fraction tasks, including area, length, and set/quantity models;Emphasize academic language, including partitioning, sharing tasks, and iterating; andExplore equivalent fractions

Visit the Teaching Channel website and review three videos of teachers teaching fractions. Write a 250-500 word review of what you observed and support your review with references to the assigned readings. 

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. 

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin.


Helpful tips for assignment

Welcome to Module 4! Last week we set the foundation for teaching mathematics. This week we are taking it to the next level with learning about number sense and fractions. This is always a tough subject for students-especially those who struggle with the prerequisite skills.

What is number sense and why is it important? In essence, it is our ability to recognize the meaning we have with numbers. Research suggests that we are programmed to understand this concept, which is why math is said to be the universal language. It is that understanding that allows us to understand and apply concepts like whole numbers for (counting people, days of the week, etc.), decimals (for money), and fractions (for time, measurements, etc.). It is the foundation for all mathematical intelligence.  You simple can’t be successful without it.


Your assignment this week involves effective lesson designs on this concept. I have provided a template so that you stay on the right track to meet the assignment and rubric requirements.  Remember for lesson plans you can use ideas you find online but you have to use one of the GCU approved template designs and be sure to show how you differentiate for those below grade level, above grade level, ELL, and special education students. 


1) For this week’s assignments are we creating 3 different lesson plans with activities on all three? Yes. One lesson for each of these areas below, or 3 lessons that incorporate all of them. As long as I see these 3 things-you will be fine. Use models in fraction tasks, including area, length, and set/quantity models;Emphasize academic language, including partitioning, sharing tasks, and iterating; andExplore equivalent fractions


2) If so are we  creating 3 different lesson plans  on the same topic just one for each type of learner /differentiation or is it 3 completely different lesson plans on 3 different topics?  Please see above. All of your lessons should have differentiation for the various learners.


3) Also does CCRS mean College and Career Ready Sstandards..Yes, but not all states are using this, so I allow the basic common core standards to be used.  You do not have to use the AZ standards for this assignment either-only the benchmark assignments. 


4) Also if it is on 3 different topics is it on any topic we choose basied on the numbers and operations (FN) standards in CCRS for Arizona. It can be any topic. Make sure you have one lesson that shows models in fraction tasks, including area, length, and set/quantity models. Lesson 2 that emphasizes academic language, including partitioning, sharing tasks, and iterating. Then the final lesson to show exploring how to use equivalent fractions. 


Housekeeping items:

 Your assignment this week involves lesson planning and instructional review. Please sure to review the rubric and use the template in my course add-ons.  Remember to support your review with academic support.

Also as I finished grading the M2 and am going through M3 assignments, I can see many of you need some support on effective lesson design. Here are some guidelines I want you to follow, and remember to use one of the GCU COE templates found here: set/motivation-Many of you are just putting the question you are asking “What do you know about fractions?” ….that is really not engaging to students. Please review this site to get a better idea of what this section is and why it is vital: This needs to be a part of every single lesson plan. Explain what strategies/activities you will use to help ELL learners, students below grade level, and those above grade level.Evaluation Assessment/Rubric: Every single lesson needs to have an evaluation-it can be informal or formal, and formative or summative.


Your lesson plans need to be as detailed as possible-it should not be a simple outline.  If you included students will be completing a worksheet, make sure it is included in the submission.  As a reminder-be sure you are completing your practicum in grades 3-8, and that you are in a minimum of 2 classrooms for math and science (different grades).


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