Formal paper part 1

 Attached is an example of this assignment. (not to be used in paper but to use as a guide). This assignment is due jan 26, 2018 at 9ameastern standard time. This paper will be in 3 parts but this is just part one will be a total of 10 pages by part 3. The professor is giving this assignment in 3 parts. So part one should be about 3 pages. This assignment is worth 158 points. For each day the assignment is late 16 points will be deducted. 

Medical marijuana is a controversial subject that appears in the news on a regular basis. Should it be legalized for medical purposes, for any purpose (like in Colorado), or should the new strain of Cannabis (Charlotte’s Web), which has less than 0.3% THC (this is the chemical that creates the high) be used instead? The formal paper for this class will discuss the two types of marijuana and whether either one should be legalized for medical purposes or legalized for general purposes.The total length of this paper will be at least 10 (for the entire paper) pages long (not including the title page and reference page) This paper will be divided into 3 parts. Each part will be graded and returned to the student with corrections and suggestions. The student will incorporate the changes into the final paper. The final paper will be a combination of each part with the changes. Part 1 of the paper is worth 158 points. All three parts will make up 30% of your grade. See the rubric below for the requirement for part 1.  Formal paper part 1 guidelines

Title page – 3 points Name – 1 point Class – 1 point Title of paper – 1 point

Abstract – 15 points Give a brief overview of the paper

Define – 75 points Define and discuss what regular marijuana is – 15 points Define and discuss what Charlotte’s Web is – 15 points Analyze, synthesize, and discuss the medical benefits of regular marijuana – 15 points Analyze, synthesize, and discuss the medical benefits of Charlotte’s Web – 15 points Compare and contrast the difference in medical benefits between regular marijuana and Charlotte’s Web – 15 points Proper format. Must be doubled spaced, New Times Roman, and 12 point font – 10 points Spelling – 15 points Grammar – 15 points Proper APA format – 25 points

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