first aid

Present a PowerPoint presentation on First Aid/CPR. The presentation should have a least sixteen or up to twenty slides, and should include chapters one through seven.  Within presentation, identify topic, introduction, body, essence of presentation, acknowledgement, and conclusion.

what is first aid

ems responders 

assessing the victim 

Discuss the following assessments, and give examples of each.
1. Size up the scene
2. Get control
3. Primary Survey
4. Neuro Exam
5. Chief complaint
6. Medic tags
7. Vitals
9. Secondary Survey

This week, our focus will be to learn the Anatomical planes and terms. The body skeletal, muscular, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, urinary, endocrine, nerves and skin systems.

Define the following positions, and give an example of each.
Anatomical position
Supine position
Prone position
Lateral recumbent position
Define the following directions and location, and give an example of each.
Modified HAINES recovery position
The Body’s Framework: The Skeletal System
Describe the main structure and functions of the skeletal system. 

What is the main structure and functions of the following systems? Skeleton, Muscular, Digestive, Respiratory, Urinary, Endocrine, Nervous and Skin.

Describe the relationships of parts of the body in the anatomical position, and compare the relative position of two structures with each other.

iscuss the primary and secondary surveys, and give an example of each. 

2. Discuss how you would conduct a Neuro exam, and give an example of how such exam should be administered. Respond to two other learners in the discussion thread.

3. Describe how you would help someone who is in respiratory distress, and give at least two examples on how you would respond to that individual. 

Basic life Support Sequence: Describe the sequences of basic life support. Explain each sequence as it is indicated.

Chest Compressions: Chest compressions work on two principles to help circulate the blood: First, they increase pressure in the chest cavity, causing the heart to pump; and second, they provide direct compression to the heart itself. Review chest compressions and describe how to deliver effective chest compressions. Explain the procedures for performing one-rescuer, two rescuers adult CPR; CPR on infants and children, and when to terminate CPR. 

Mistakes, Complications, and when to Withhold: What complications can be caused when administering CPR? Explain Defibrillation in detail.

The power point should include this information within not all of it but at least a majority of it 

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