essay free speech 200 words

Free Speech (200 words)

Do you think that educational institutions such as universities and colleges should adopt a speech-code that regulates hate speech?  Do you think that such a code is compatible with the moral right to free speech? 

Your answer should take the shape of an argument that addresses all three layers of the problem discussed in my supplementary notes as well as the arguments presented in the essays by Arthur and Altman.

I expect a professionally written essay that incorporates the lessons you learned from previous essays. 


Hugh LaFollette, (ed.). (2014). Ethics in Practice. (4th . edition) Blackwell Publishing, Malden: MA

                    Introduction (LaFollette) pp. 346 – 347

                    Freedom of Thought and Discussion (Mill) pp. 348 – 351

                    Sticks and Stones (Arthur) pp. 370 – 380

                    Speech Codes and Expressive Harm (Altman) pp. 381- 388

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