ENG 328 Week 3 Quiz <<< A Graded Tutorial >>>

 Question 1.According to research cited in Chapter 4, if a U.S. student casually asks a Japanese student about her family and her religious beliefs, the Japanese student might find the question too personal but consider it perfectly appropriate to talk about her major and the courses she is taking.   True False    

Question 2.The most effective way to distinguish one level of heading from another is to use size variations.   True False    

Question 3.In designing the whole document, as opposed to individual pages, you should consider size, paper, bindings, and accessing aids.   True False    

Question 4.According to Chapter 4, one advantage of collaboration is that it helps acclimate new employees to an organization.   True False    

Question 5.Government publications are not usually listed in the indexes and abstract journals.   True False    

Question 6.According to Chapter 4, one way to listen more effectively is to pay attention to the speaker. What are two other ways? Listen for main ideas and tape-record what the speaker is saying.     Take notes while the speaker is speaking and interrupt if you don’t understand what the speaker is saying     Don’t get emotionally involved with the speaker’s ideas and listen for main ideas    

Question 7.Which of the following graphics would be best suited for showing the relative size of parts that make up a whole?   Photograph       Table       Pie chart       Flowchart       Organization chart

Question 8.According to Chapter 4, the differences in behavior between two men or between two women are likely to be fewer and less pronounced than the differences between men and women in general.   True False    

Question 9.Chapter 11 discusses four basic principles for designing effective documents. One is proximity. What are the three other basic principles discussed in the chapter?  Alignment, contrast, and repetition       Variety, alignment, and contrast       Contrast, repetition, and consistency    

Question 10.Text printed IN UPPERCASE LETTERS is easier to read than text set in a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters.   True   False    

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