EDU 675 Week 5 Discussion 1 ( School Leaders – Engage! ) ~ ( Latest Syllabus – Perfect Tutorial – Scored 100% )

School Leaders – Engage!

Action research has long been the research method used in education and in many organizations for the purpose improving the art of teaching and leading. However, there are those that strongly criticize this research method. Proponents of traditional research methods argue that the data that is collected in action research is not reliable and does not yield valid results in part, because of possible research bias (Mckay & Marshall, 2001).

Initial Post:   Read the articles from Fitchman-Dana (n.d) and Eikeland (2003) and explain in your post how action research will benefit your setting/organization by granting teachers and other leaders the ability to identify and solve their own problems. Consider, too, the arguments opposing the use of action research as a validated research methodology. The second article is a controversial narrative where the author responds to a previous writing which has highlighted the reasons that action research is not a viable research method. Post your summary of the importance of action research as depicted in these articles and what points resonate during the implementation of your research.     Eikeland, O. (2003). Unmet challenges and unfulfilled promises in action research. Concepts & Transformation, 8(3), 265-273. Retrieved from EBSCOhost database. Fitchman-Dana, N. (n.d.).   Top 5 reasons for school leaders to engage in action research .   Retrieved from  


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