EDU 647 Week 2 Assignment ( Using a Storybook to Involve Families ) ~ ( Latest Syllabus – Perfect Tutorial – Scored 100% )

Using a Storybook to Involve Families

As you have learned, one way to involve families is to use storybooks. For this assignment you will first review the Harvard Family Research Project Storybook Corner and read the overview regarding the Family Involvement Network Project and the Family Involvement Storybook Project. Read Tomasito’s Mother Comes to School and the accompanying activities.

Choose a book from Harvard Family Research Project: Family Involvement Storybook Selections or from Reading is Fundamental: Multicultural Booklist.

Then, from the resources above and your readings from the text, create a lesson to engage children and their families. Your lesson should include the following elements and should be four-six pages in length not including the title and references page. You will need to include at least three credible sources, one of which must be your text. Use all three sources to cite your work and be sure to use correct APA formatting as per the Ashford Writing Center Guidelines.Summarize the text in your own words. Describe your rationale for choosing the book and state what you hope to accomplish by using it with your students and their families. Write a family letter about your chosen story book and invite families to attend school to take part in group activities related to the book.   Create at least five discussion questions to use with your students and their families. Describe two different activities that can be completed by families and their children in the classroom. Be sure to cite your source(s) for these activities.   Describe one activity that can be completed by the family at home. Be sure to cite your source for this activity.   Create an evaluation form to solicit feedback from parents and students to assess the value of this program. Links to other tutorials for EDU 647

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