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Answer the question posed in the discussion description related to Chapter 11 Becoming an Ethical Adult (Starts on pg 200) in the Discussion as your Initial Comment Then respond to three other classmates’ Initial Comments 

1. The textbook states that the best determiner of personal moral development “is the recognition that motive, not consequence, is a critical factor in deciding if an act is ethical (p. 384)”.  Discuss something specific that you have learned in this class that supports or challenges this assumption.



Student replies 1) 

 1.  When it comes to moral development, it’s focal point is on the change, evolution, and comparison of morality from childhood to maturity. Our morality comes from ones personal experiences and their attitude when confronted with moral problems. Overall, morality is ones point of view in what is right or wrong. In everyday life, we tend to be critical of ones actions based on their motives. One good example that supports that motive is a critical is case 10-B. In case 10-B, it talks about how Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 gave players the option to shoot innocent bystanders. The overall motive of the game makers was to make players feel uncomfortable being given this option. At the end, the consequences were that it caused controversy. The game makers weren’t thinking about if this would be a good idea or not. The designers weren’t thinking about whether not this would be controversial or a bad influence towards gamers. They just wanted to make players feel a certain way regardless of the public frowning upon this. The game producers motive made this situation look worse. Wanting a video game player to think about killing innocent bystanders and making them feel uncomfortable isn’t right. This also makes it a horrible and harmful motive. I do believe that the situation would still be bad even if their motive was completely different. For instance, lets just say that the real motive of the game makers was to do it just for game story purposes. This would have made the situation still bad however, made their motives look a little less worse than what it was. However, the game makers real motive makes this situation look a lot worse than it is. 

Student post 2)

 When it comes to motive versus consequence, I think back to a couple of chapters ago when we read about the ethics in photography. In that chapter, the book talked about how a lot of the time, it is questionable whether a photojournalist should snap a picture or not. If a situation is sensitive, is it okay to take a photo? The main question to ask in those situations was ‘what is my motivation behind taking this photo?’ If the motive was to exploit the situation then of course taking the photo is not okay. If your motive is to use the photo to shed light and bring attention to the situation, then taking the photo is alright. I thought this was very helpful as someone who actually does photography! 

Student Post 3)

 The best determiner of personal moral development “is the recognition that motive, not consequence, is a critical factor in deciding if an act is ethical.” In our last chapter we read the case study of Trevor Noah having Tomi Lahren on The Daily Show. The consequence that Noah suffered from having Tomi on the show was him being called a sellout and devil. Although his motive was to basically call her out on not fully understanding why the black community was protesting about, or could’ve been to defend the black community. No matter what the consequences are, as long as there are good intentions and motive, then the act is ethical. People are gonna look too deeply into certain things, or even not look deeply enough. It’s hard to live a life where you please everyone. For another example: lets say that someone caught their friends significant other cheating on them, then that friend tells the other friend what they saw. The friend then goes to accuse their friend on trying ruin their relationship. Although the consequence of telling their friend what they saw wasn’t expected, the motive behind it was pure, and therefore ethical. 

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