Discussion/Reading responses

Prompt: For each reading (5 total) you will be responsible for responding to questions posed by the instructor. Pick two questions out of the three listed. Each question response should be approximately one paragraph. 

1) Antin addresses the viewers trust in television’s authentic representation of reality. “The medium maintains a continual assertion that it can and does provide an adequate representation of reality, while everyone’s experience continually denies it.” (pg. 153) Provide an example (either from the reading or outside of the reading) which illustrates this.

2) Antin states that, “the most striking contrast between video (art) pieces and television is in relation to time” (pg.154). What does he mean by this? Please give an example from the reading, class, or outside of class.

3) Describe in detail one of the many characteristics of video that Antin writes about in this reading. How did artists explore this characteristic in their work?

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