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Need this Discussion post done 11/8 at 2 pm.


Answer the question below related to Case Number 10-C  Daily Dose of Civic Discourse in the Discussion as your Initial Comment by Friday 11/08 at 1:59 pm. Then respond to three other classmates.

1. Trevor Noah was criticized – even called a sellout and devil – for giving Tommi Lahren a platform to express her conservative views, for example equating Black Lives Matter with the Ku Klux Klan. Is such criticism of Trevor Noah warranted?

2. Evaluate Debra Tannen’s claim that the argument culture distills every issue or debate into two polarized sides?

Page 193 on the pdf



 Answer questions in Challenge based on Case 10-B Making Terrorists of Gamers.

1. Violence has long been a part of art and entertainment. What standards if any should we place on the artist in terms of how much violence we wish to see in our art?  

Do you agree with the modifications required by the countries of Japan and Germany or the outright banning of this segment by the country of Russia? 

(about 300 words)



Student replies 1) 

 1. Trevor Noah was indeed criticized. His character and integrity was even questioned, but in my opinion he giving her the platform doesn’t make him a sellout or a devil. He gave her a fair and equal chance to explain her position. I’m by no means a fan of Tommi Lahren, but she does deserve to state her opinion just like anyone else. Coming from someone who has followed her over the past few years, she has no filter whatsoever. Her conservative views rival that of radical republicans. Even though her comparison of Black Lives Matter to the KKK was egregious, Trevor Noah allowed her to come on his show so he had a chance also to make a little fun of her because that’s what he’s good at. 2. Debra Tannen’s claim that argument culture distills every issue is less likely than a debate into two polarized sides. Most of the time in a argument, the conflict isn’t resolved. More fuel is just thrown on the fire causing the argument to be prolonged. Sometimes that isn’t the case, but most times it can just cause a bigger issue. 

Student post 2)

 I am not a fan of Trevor Noah, but should have never been criticized. Trevor Noah had a right to give Tomi Lahren the opportunity to speak on his show. The people who criticized Trevor were in the wrong because they failed to realize the history of the Democratic Party. The history of the Democratic Party is the creation of the Ku Klux Klan. Trevor is not a sellout because he did the right thing. Trevor’s critics are the real sellouts because they can not stand other points of view. Debra Tannen is wrong when she states that the argument culture does not distill every issue or debate because to argue is to be human. You can argue about the issues and still be civil about it. 

Student Post 3)

Trevor Noah was definitely criticized. I don’t believe that he should have been called a “sellout” or “devil simply because he was just letting Tommi Lahren voice her opinion. Although I don’t agree with everything she says, it still gives her the freedom of speech, to say anything she wants. Anything she says is heard nationwide because of the high authority that she has. Some people will agree with her and others disagree but the fact that Trevor Noah was criticized was just kind of outrageous only because he was giving her a platform to voice her opinion with. I believe Debra Tannens claim is irrelevant because any argument never gets solved since people just love to argue, argue,argue. Sometimes it can be two polarized sides but it seems like no one can can to an agreement about anything anymore.

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