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A person’s health may be greatly impacted by his or her access to timely, appropriate care. Yet, in the United States, there are marked differences in the quality of services that are available and in each individual’s use of those services. The cost of health care, for instance, can influence a person’s decision to visit the doctor or fill a prescription. What other factors impact health care-related decisions? In this Discussion, you will examine two case studies that illustrate dilemmas related to cost, quality, and access to health care, and consider the potential influence these dilemmas can have on a person’s health, financial standing, and quality of life.


Read the Module 2 Discussion 1 Case Studies, found in this module’s Learning Resources. Review the information presented in the Learning Resources, including Chapter 12 in the Shi and Singh (2015) textbook and the websites and articles. Analyze the circumstances presented in the two case studies, and consider the following questions:


• Analyze at least two barriers in the U.S. health care delivery system related to cost, quality, and/or access that are evident in each person’s scenario.


• Analyze how health insurance may influence concerns or decisions related to cost, quality, and/or access to health care for each person.


• Explain potential health care outcomes for each scenario.


Reminder: Use and identify sources to support your posting and responses.






Module 2 Discussion 1 Case Studies




Raymond is a 54-year-old man who lives in a rural part of Mississippi. He is a skilled worker, but his job does not provide health insurance. Raymond does not qualify for Medicaid and cannot pay for health insurance. He has not received consistent or coordinated healthcare for most of his life. The closest clinic is over 30 miles away, and he does not have the money for both the healthcare and medical care services and gas. Raymond has been diagnosed with hypertension, and his family history includes pulmonary embolisms and heart disease.




Emmanuel is a 55-year-old man who lives in Jackson, Mississippi. He is an office manager and receives insurance from his employer. Emmanuel has had annual medical and dental exams from the same providers for several years. Emmanuel has a family history of Type 2 diabetes and his latest blood test results showed his sugar levels were higher than expected. Emmanuel received a referral from his primary care provider (PCP) to an endocrinologist and a registered dietitian, and he was instructed by his PCP to increase his physical activity.


submit a  300-WORDS pape, due in 5 hours


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