Using the Case Study found under the Resources icon on the Reading page, answer the following questions.


Discuss the numerous ways an early childhood program and its staff could provide a safe and appropriate learning environment for Carly and how to adapt the environment to meet her needs. What are some other professionals who should be involved in Carly’s plan?


Case Study




Carly will soon be four years old. She walks with the aid of a walker or will scoot across the floor if her walker is not available. Language development is delayed due to a hearing impairment. Recently, she began using a picture exchange program to communicate with her family.


**Please make sure to use this Case Study to answer the Discussion Board questions




Description Activity


Here is a chance to watch creativity in action!


Activity: Describe the Pairs


For this discussion you need to find two students between the ages of 5 and 18 and ask them the following:


“Tell me how these things are alike in as many ways as you can: sweater/blanket, puppy/baby, eagle/lion, bread/oatmeal, river/tree, potato/person, bear/monkey, ocean/desert, and train/boat.”


You need to do this with each student individually. In your Discussion Board response include a minimum of 4 to 5 of the responses from each student. Analyze the activity by focusing on the following questions: 




Identify which answers were the most creative. Explain. 




Discuss what conclusions you can make about the students based on their responses.




Describe what you learned from doing this activity.




If you could do this activity over again with the same students, explain what you would do differently and why

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