Cultural Behavior Assignment

The responses should represent more than just quoting any text. Please reflect on the questions, provide examples, and provide analysis in the responses. Each answer should be approximately one page in length and include citations if appropriate.


Question (UNIT) 1 – “Cross-Cultural Behavior in Tourism.”

Discuss and explain social contact in tourist and how its encountered.

What factors influence social contact and the actors in a tourism context?

Why is it important to understand the cultural differences of hosts and guests in a tourism destination?


Question (UNIT) 2 – “Cross-Cultural Approaches to Leadership Development.”

Discuss national culture as an intervening variable in leadership development.

How does it influence the way leadership is defined and conducted in a national context?

Provide examples


Question (UNIT) 3 – “Social Change and Psychosocial Adaptation in the Pacific Islands.”

Identify and discuss the “old” problems facing Pacific Islanders.

What are the “new” problems being faced in the region?

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