Continuous Quality Improvement (HSC 350) HEALTH SCIENCE MAJORS ONLY!

Select a personal improvement process utilizing the PDSA Cycle.   (Increase Exercise, Improve Healthy Eating Habits, Improve Money Saving Habits, Increase Calcium Intake, Increase Time with Family, Learn a ‘NEW’ Hobby, Improve Time Management) and so on . Make it a meaningful and personal investment for you. 

Your topic for your Personal CQI Project is due to me.  You will submit your idea and AIM statement under the Unit 5 Assignment Link under the weekly units.  Please keep in mind, as outlined in your assignment syllabus, that your project must include a minimum of four (4) weeks of data. Most important in doing this assignment is for you to choose an area that is most meaningful and fun for you while learning the principles and processes of the PDSA model and CQI.  I gave several examples in the Weekly Unit section and Assignment Details, however, these are only examples. I want it to be a goal most important and beneficial for you. 

There are countless ideas —  Healthy, clean eating; increase exercise; learning new techniques to decrease stress; improve money management;  Increase time with family; improve time management skills;  ​Learn a new hobby like kayaking, running, XX skiing, joining the book club. In developing your project, gather your “baseline”-where are you at now/what is your present behavior now. Ask yourself, What am I agreeing to do?   Select a habit or behavior that you want to change.  Identify your area to improve/change. Why did you choose this particular area? Identify others on your team (process owners) that can help you with the change. Who will be involved to help you achieve your goal (family, spouse, friend, co-worker). Examine how daily routines affect the habit, behavior you want to change. (Does work, school, family responsibilities, money interfere with attaining your goal? What do you need to do so you can achieve your goal and sustain progress?)  

Remember, every incremental positive change is progress!!! When submitting your assignment, please be sure and answer the following to create your Aim Statement.  I have every confidence that each of you will achieve personal success and progress in completing this assignment.

a. What are you trying to accomplish?
b. How will you know that a change is an improvement?
c. What changes can you make that will result in an improvement?

Using the PDSA model, you can clearly put your project in motion. Also, the PDSA worksheets I have supplied are very helpful in outlining each step on the cycle. You can collect your data using flow charts, daily log and use process tools to demonstrate progress toward your goal. 

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