Construct an email message to your instructor

Please watch the following short video on how to write an effective email message

Then respond to this discussion thread by writing an email message for the following situation:

You are a student in WRTG 293.  You think that there is a writing assignment due on week 2.  However, you are not sure.  In addition, if there is a writing assignment due, you are not sure what assignment is due.  Finally, if there is a writing assignment due, you are not certain on what day it is due – is it Saturday, or is it Sunday? 

Please construct an email message to your instructor Natasha David-Walker to ask for clarification on these points. 

In composing your email message, write what your subject line will be in addition to your actual message. In other words, you will have the following:

Subject: your subject line goes here


your message goes here

*DUE ON April 5, 2019 at 12:00pm eastern time* Also see attached file for guidelines*

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