Consistency, Visual clarity, Navigation and Usability are the main ingredients of ________________ layer in 7-tier technical core


1. Consistency, Visual clarity, Navigation and Usability are the main ingredients of ________________ layer in 7-tier technical core.

a. User Interface

b. Authorized Access

c. Filtering

d. Collaborative

2. Arrange the 7-tier technical layers in ascending order:

I. Middleware

II. Transport

III. The physical layer

IV. Knowledge-Enabling Application

V. Collaborative Intelligence and filtering

VI. User interface

VII. Authorized Access Control

a. VI, VII, I, II, IV, V, III

b. VI, VII, V, IV, II, I, III

c. VI, VI, V, IV, I, II, III

d. VI, I, II, V, IV, VII, III

3. HTTP is the abbreviation of _____________________.

a. Hyper Terminal Tracking Program

b. Home Translator and Technical Professional

c. Hyper Text Transport Protocol

d. Home Tested And Tried Protocol

4. If a company wants to establish KM architecture for knowledge capturing, this activity in KMSLC is termed as____________.

a. Determine Feasibility

b. Capture Knowledge

c. Design KM blueprint

d. Implement KM system

5. KM team success depends on number of following factors EXCEPT:

a. Leadership and team motivation

b. Team size

c. Complexity of the project

d. No of experts in a team

6. In KMSLC, the knowledge developer tests the evaluating system from ________________ of the cycle.

a. Start

b. End

c. Middle

d. Any point

7. The Conventional system life cycle is ____________________ but KMSLC is an incremental process.

a. Process Driven

b. Documentation-oriented

c. Result oriented

d. All of the given options

8. _____________business solves large and complicated problems for customers. The problems are new, but they can be solved with existing methods in a specific context every time.

a. Experience-driven

b. Expert-driven

c. Efficiency-driven

d. None of the given options

9. Nonaka et al. (2001) suggest the essential question of knowledge creation is establishing an organization’s ba corresponding to the four modes of knowledge creation. The four corresponding ba for different mode of knowledge creation are originating ba, interacting ba, exercising ba and _______________.

a. Modulating ba

b. Cyber ba

c. Genuine ba

d. Physical ba

10. When an inexperienced and unskilled employee is placed in work environment, he learns and acquired new knowledge and skill. In this situation one of the SECI processes has implemented that process is:

a. Socialization

b. Externalization

c. Combination

d. Internalization



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