COM208 UNIT 1 QUIZ 2017

Unit 1 quiz

Question 1

Using jargon or complex terms can contribute to _____________________ noise .


a . Semantic

b . Psychological

c . Physiological

d . Physical

Question 2

_____________________is the verbal and nonverbal communication that takes place between two interdependent people .


a . Intrapersonal

b . Punctuation

c . Interpersonal communication

d . Self-disclosure

Question 3

Which of the following examples of communication falls on the most impersonal side of the continuum?


a . a cashier and customer talking

b . a supervisor and employee talking

c . a mother and daughter talking

d . two neighbors talking

Question 4

________________ refers to the act of producing messages, whereas _____________________ is the act of understanding them .


a . Person-focused, message-focused

b . Source, receiver

c . Feedfoward, feedback

d . Encoding, decoding

Question 5

In a _____________________ relationship, the two individuals mirror each other .


a . Dyadic

b . Symmetrical

c .   Convergent

d . Complementary

Question 6

Which of the following is an example of feedback?


a . Trying to understand a nonverbal gesture

b . Yawning when an instructor is lecturing

c . Being confused by an unfamiliar word in a lecture

d . Deciding how to phrase a question

Question 7

All of the following are true about the transactional process of interpersonal communication EXCEPT:


a . The elements are interdependent .

b . It’s always changing .

c . It’s a linear process .

d . Each person acts as a speaker and a listener .

Question 8

The principle of __________________ states that messages often have more than one meaning .


a . Irreversibility

b . Unrepeatability

c . Punctuation

d . Ambiguity

Question 9 “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” exemplifies the principle of


a . Inevitability

b . Unrepeatability

c . Irreversibility

d . Ambiguity

Question 10

Sally Ann had a bad cell phone connection and couldn’t understand the directions her friend was trying to tell her .  This is an example of __________ noise .


a . Physical

b . Semantic

c . Physiological

d . Psychological




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