Coding Management and Compliance Unit 2 Assignment 2 Hospital Licensure Requirements

  Meet CAHIIM Curriculum requirement for Bachelor Degree Domain V. Compliance Subdomain  V.A. Regulatory Section 1. Appraise current laws  and standards related to health information initiatives Competencies: Regulatory and licensure requirements

Assignment Purpose:

Identify regulatory and licensure requirements

Assignment Description

Step One: Locate and review the minimum Standards for Hospital Licensing within your state. MY STATE IS MARYLAND

Step Two: Locate and review the minimum Standards for Hospital Licensing in another state of your choice CHOICE STATE IS GEORGIA

Step Three: Compare and contrast the minimum Standard for Hospital Licensing between the two states

Step Four: Identify any minimum Standards related to HIM

Step Five: Create a two page (not counting title and reference page) APA formatted paper providing the information learned in Steps Three and Four. Two references required

Step Six: Submit your paper for grading.

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