CIS430 Unit 6 Self Quiz C13


Question 1

When implementing a new system, the costs associated with transferring data from one storage medium to another is an example of a data conversion cost.



Question 2

All of the following are reasons why new systems fail except

The user is not involved in the development of the system.

The system requirements are not clearly specified.

The systems analysts rely on prototyping models.

The systems analyst did not fully understand the business problem.

Question 3

The degree of compatibility between the firm’s existing procedures and personnel skills and the requirements of the new system is called

technical feasibility

operational feasibility

schedule feasibility

legal feasibility

Question 4

Reasons that a new systems implementation may be unsuccessful include all of the following except

organizational restructuring required by the new system results in displaced workers

end users do not understand the strategic merits of the new system

employees are not trained to use the system

system development team members include representatives from end-user departments

Question 5

A disadvantage of surveying the current system is it constrains the generation of ideas about the new system.



Question 6

The role of the internal auditor as a member of the systems development team includes evaluating that adequate internal controls are built into the system.



Question 7

Which of the following is not a step in the cost benefit analysis?

Identify costs

Pay vendors

Identify benefits

Compare costs to benefits

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