CIS430 Unit 2 Quiz C2 latest 2017


Question 1
Which of the following is false?
A reference file stores data that are used as standards for processing transactions.
A master file generally contains account data.
An archive file contains records of past transactions that are retained for future reference.
A transaction file is a temporary file of transaction records used to change or update data in a master file.
All of the above are true.
Question 2
Which of the following is true of the relationship between subsidiary ledgers and general ledger accounts?
The relationship between the two provides an audit trail from the financial statements to the source documents.
The two contain different and unrelated data.
All general ledger accounts have subsidiaries.
The total of subsidiary ledger accounts usually exceeds the total in the related general ledger account.
Question 3
Which of the following statements is NOT true?
Sorting records that are coded alphabetically tends to be more difficult for users than sorting numeric sequences.
Mnemonic coding requires the user to memorize codes.
Sequential codes carry no information content beyond their order in the sequence.
Mnemonic codes are limited in their ability to represent items within a class.
Question 4
Which statement is NOT true?
Business activities begin with the acquisition of materials, property, and labor in exchange for cash.
The conversion cycle includes the task of determining raw materials requirements.
Manufacturing firms have a conversion cycle but retail firms do not.
A payroll check is an example of a product document of the payroll system.
Question 5
Which statement is NOT correct?
Indexed random files use disk storage space efficiently.
Indexed random files are dispersed throughout the storage device without regard for physical proximity with related records.
Indexed random files are efficient when processing a large portion of a file at one time.
Indexed random files are easy to maintain in terms of adding records.
Question 6
A coding scheme in the form of acronyms and other combinations that convey meaning is
sequential code.
block code.
alphabetic code.
mnemonic code.
Question 7
Which statement is NOT correct?
Records in an indexed random file are dispersed throughout a disk without regard to their physical disks.
In a sequential structure the application starts at the geginning of the file and process each record in sequence.
Sequential file systems are not efficient when the user is is interested in locating only one record in the file.
The sequential access method allows accessing a record directly.
Question 8
2 out of 2 points
Which statement is NOT correct?
Legacy systems may process financially significant transactions.
Legacy systems tend to use mainframe computers and be batch oriented.
The flat file approach is often associated with legacy systems.
All the above are true.
Question 9
2 out of 2 points
The expenditure, conversion and revenue cycles exist in all types of businesses to include both for profit and not for profit.
Question 10
2 out of 2 points
An advantage of a physical address pointer is that
it points directly to the actual disk storage location.
it is easily recovered if it is inadvertently lost.
it remains unchanged when disks are reorganized.
all of the above are advantages of the physical address pointer.

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