chapter 8 and 9 questions

Chapter 8

1. You have decided to study global wealth and poverty. How would you approach your study? What research methods would provide the best data for analysis? What might you find if you compared your research data with popular presentations— such as films and advertising— of everyday life in low- and middle- income countries?


2. How would you compare the lives of poor people living in the low- income nations of the world with those in central cities and rural areas of the United States? In what ways are their lives similar? In what ways are they different?


3.       Should U. S. foreign policy include provisions for reducing poverty in other nations of the world? Should U. S. domestic policy include provisions for reducing poverty in the United States? How are these issues similar? How are they different?


4. Using the theories discussed in this chapter, devise a plan to alleviate global poverty. Assume that you have the necessary wealth, political power, and other resources necessary to reduce the problem. Share your plan with others in your class, and create a consolidated plan that represents the best ideas and suggestions presented.


Chapter 9


1. Do you consider yourself defined more strongly by your race or by your ethnicity? How so?


2. Given that subordinate groups have some common experiences, why is there such deep conflict between some of these groups?


1.       3. What would need to happen in the United States, both individually and institutionally, for a positive form of ethnic pluralism to flourish in the twenty first century?

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