CGD 318 Week 3 Quiz ~ ( Latest Syllabus – Updated Jan, 2015 – Perfect Tutorial – Scored 100% )

Question 1.“B-roll” refers to:   anchor’s use of sound bites.       footage that doesn’t make the final newscast.       unedited video pictures submitted by a practitioner.       sound to accompany suggested footage.    

Question 2.Organizations receive more significant publicity when their releases are:  publicizing charitable donations.       localized.       accompanied by photographs.       sent to corporate magazines.    

Question 3.What type of writing style is essential for a successful newsletter?   punchiness.       inverted-pyramid.       anecdotal.       bulleted.

Question 4.The most effective medium for delivering messages that require absorption of details and contemplation by the receiver is the:  magazine.       online media.       newspaper.       radio.    

Question 5.Computers can be used to create professional looking newsletters and graphically illustrate materials on a personal computer right from the office, what is this called?   cyberscanning.       desktop publishing.       importing.       PowerPoint.    

Question 6.What are some pros of new media?   distance insensitive.       large audiences.       broad coverage.       linearity of content.    

Question 7.This can be likened to a chatroom or instant messaging session and enables public relations practitioners to use their computers to converse with clients or peers.
  Webconferencing.       teleconferencing.       online conference.       listserv.    

Question 8.The majority of newspapers in the United States are classified as ________ newspapers.  @ This answer is supported in the text on page 254.   tabloid       daily       weekly       bi-weekly

Question 9.What is NOT an effective outlet in trying to place your clients on television interview shows?  talk shows.       as “experts” on issues.       subscribe to media alerts/listservs that ask for experts to be quoted/interviewed.       actualities.    

Question 10.The term that refers to cable and other high-capacity services (satellite, DSL) that enable online  practitioners to meet acceptable guidelines for loading time, while offering broadcast-quality video and unlimited information stores to media, investors, and other publics is:   mainstreaming.       virtual presence.       broadband.       blogging.      

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