Catholic Social Teaching Paper

After learning about Catholic Social Teaching, apply chosen lessons to areas of Business Ethics we have covered so far (business and the good life, justice, social responsibility, technology, advertising and marketing, product liability, whistle-blowing, the environment, etc.)


These are the specific requirements for this assignment:


Formulate five questions relevant to business activities using at least three different key principles of CST. Then answer your own questions. An example (using the topic of honesty and trust in business) might be, “Can respect of human dignity be maintained if a salesperson uses strategic bluffing as a sales technique? (Human Dignity)” I would then use the reading from Carr in chapter 2 in my answer to this question.

Make sure I can clearly see each formulated question. Make sure that I can clearly see which CST principle you are utilizing in each question (see the parenthesis above following the example question).

Make reference to at least five readings in the textbook (generally, use one selection for each question you have formulated). Make sure to correctly cite your sources (APA or MLA format).


I do not have a length requirement. I would expect papers generally to be somewhere between 8 and 9 pages. Aim for depth over length.



To wrap things up, demonstrate your ability to pull relevant information from various areas of the course and put them to use using Catholic Social Teaching (CST). You will write a paper which uses some key principles of CST within the context of business practices (based on readings from the textbook).


There are a few resources below. First, there is a link to the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church. As you see in the notes, you will find relevant information in chapters 4, 6, and 7. There is also a PowerPoint presentation on concepts of CST relevant to business ethics (notes are included in the presentation). Finally, there is a handout which lists ten key principles of CST and briefly explains them.


In your paper you are to use at least three key principles of CST (see the handout and the powerpoint) to formulate five clear and specific questions regarding business activities. Then, answer your own questions. Use at least five readings in your answers. There is an example in the assignment details.






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