PYD with Marginalized Populations & Youth Leadership

PYD with Marginalized Populations & Youth Leadership

Please read the two additional articles listed under Week 4 (either on the “Week 4” page or on the “Additional Articles” page on Canvas) before answering these question. Use these two articles as well as the textbook and/or personal experience to answer the questions below.

Writing/Grammar: Also, please pay special attention to subject/verb agreement in your posts this week. If you use a singular subject, use the singular verb. If you use a plural subject, use a plural verb. 

1. The article by Villamero (2015) speaks to the younger population’s perspective on marginalization and inclusion. Share what you consider to be the 1-2 key takeaways from this article.

2. According to Abrams (2011), “On too many teams, youth leaguers miss out on real leadership experience because their coaches make all the decisions. The players simply follow directions fed to them week after week.” The author seems to advocate for more youth input (leadership) on the team and less of a hands-on approach by the coaches. What do you think? Are today’s coaches playing such a large role in youth sports that it is inhibiting youth from developing leadership skills?

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