Case Zuora

Based on Zoura case, there are questiones we need to answer. There is no right or wrong answers.



Theme A: Impact of Cloud to Business Model & Business Operations (3 points)

1. Identify from the case and elaborate on 2-3 business operations challenges which are

unique to (a) a company such as Zuora in becoming a cloud provider, and (b) a

traditional software company in becoming a SaaS provider such as some off Zuora’s


(Hint: Examine in the case for dynamics around cost structure and revenue in light of

above change)


Theme B: Summing it up: Take a position (5 points)

The case ends with Zuora considering three possible scenarios:

• Scenario 1 – Continue to focus on billing for the SaaS industry

• Scenario 2 – Expand to capture the broader cloud computing trend

• Scenario 3 – Grow big fast and try to capture the broader subscription opportunity

1. Arrive at your independent recommendation on which of the 3 scenarios should Zuora

take – in the 2009 time frame the case is set. Provide your reasoning.

2. Determine from current Zuora web site, company/industry analysis, and other sources

which of these paths (or other) did Zuora actually end up.


Theme B: (5 points)

1. Zuora & Zipcar: The case alludes to Zipcar, the car-sharing service, as an example

“offline” company in the “subscription economy”. Draw and accompany a brief narrative

of the sequence flow between a user of Zipcar and its use of Zuora services.

2. Trivia: We discussed early in the semester that cloud is causing a reordering of the

software stack. According to facts cited in the case, what dollar value of the worldwide

software stack was projected for 2011.

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