BUS 307 Week 1 Quiz – A Graded – Best Tutorial – All Questions Answered Correctly

Question 1.Which tool should be used to track the movement of a customer’s complaint from one department to the next until it is resolved?   Process map.       Swim lane map.       Entity map.       Data flow map.     

Question 2.Your university sends a contingent of top-ranking officials to Las Vegas hotels to study ways to improve dormitory living conditions.  This is an example of process benchmarking.   True False    

Question 3.Information and materials are two examples of inputs to the transformation process.   True False    

Question 4.Most organizations function as part of a larger supply chain.  True   False    

Question 5.A technique used to translate customer requirements into technical requirements is:   quality assurance.       statistical quality control.       quality function deployment.       continuous improvement.    

Question 6.A quality perspective that focuses on whether or not a product was made or a service was performed as intended is the:   performance perspective.       value perspective.       conformance perspective.       intention perspective.    

Question 7.Which of the following is NOT a core idea of total quality management?   cost reduction       leadership improvement       employee empowerment       continuous improvement    

Question 8.An automobile windshield manufacturer wants to verify that their process is producing windshields of an appropriate thickness. The best tool to determine this information is a(n):   process capability ratio.       process capability index.       x-bar chart.       operating characteristics curve.

Question 9.The majority of the total operating budget for most organizations is:
  engineering costs.       advertising costs.       supply chain costs.       equipment maintenance costs.

Question 10.   Whether the product was made or service performed to specifications is a question of:  conformance quality.       performance quality.       reliability quality       value indices

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