BSOP 326 Total Quality Management Midterm Exam Devry

BSOP 326 MidTerm Exam

High Performance Work Systems


(TCO 6) An effective leadership system is designed to accomplish all of the following, except _____.

(TCO 6) The traditional approach to strategy deployment is which of the following?

(TCO 3) The criteria for the Canadian Awards for Excellence are most similar to which of the following?

(TCO 3) ISO 9001 provides specific requirements for _____.

(TCO 1) Conformance to specifications applies to which type of quality?

(TCO 1) Which of the following was the top priority of U.S. manufacturing in the time period immediately following World War II?

(TCO 1) Which of the following is most appropriate in describing the quality efforts used in the early 20th century?

(TCO 2) In any system, final inspection attempts to perform all of the following functions, except _____.

(TCO 2) Which of the following are considered to be two critical components of quality systems in service industries?

(TCO 2) An increasingly important component in quality for service firms is _____.

(TCO 2) Systems thinking can be applied to the analysis of _____.

(TCO 3) Over the years, the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria have been improved to include all of the following shifts in emphasis, except which of the following?

(TCO 5) Bill designs and maintains the inventory management software that his coworker John uses when customers call the company to place an order for merchandise. Bill is John’s _____.

(TCO 5) Which of the following is not true about the American Customer Satisfaction Index?

(TCO 7) Most companies still use traditional measures, such as _____, as a basis for compensation, while more progressive organizations use measures such as _____.

(TCO 4) Deming claimed that higher levels of _____ lead to higher levels of _____.

(TCO 4) The Deming philosophy focuses on improvements in product and service quality by _____.

(TCO 8) The major difference between quality circles and project teams is which of the following?

TCO 4) Deming’s Profound Knowledge consists of four elements. Answer the following three parts relating to the psychology element of Deming’s Profound Knowledge. Your discussion should reflect this element of Deming’s Profound Knowledge and not psychology in general. Discuss why psychology is important for us to understand. (10 points) Discuss how fear plays a part in this element. (10 points)

Discuss how pay and motivation are of interest in this element. (10 points)

(TCO 1) Explain the difference between quality management practices prio to the 1900 with quality management practices in the 1990’s.

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