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Write and post a blog entry to the SBFPHC Policy Advocacy blog (follow the “Instructions for Blogging at the SBFPHC Policy Advocacy Site” on this page). Your entry will be graded on the following elements: Brevity      and Conciseness: Aim to make your key points in ~350 words or fewer. Aim      for a blog that is easy to read and does force the reader to scroll down      more than twice Graphics:      Include at least one appropriate graphic which could be a photo (give      credit as needed), a graph or a video. At the same time do not overload      the posting with graphics. Aim for a visually pleasing and easy to read      posting wherein pictures/graphics support the story, not overwhelm it. Links:      Include links to key reference material and news stories that provide      further information and viewpoints on the policy. Please try to hyperlink      appropriate text as this takes less space than reference lists or ‘raw’      placement of a link after a sentence. Conclusion:      Ensure there is a clear actionable statement at the end. Basically who is      expected to do what and when. Draw on your stakeholder      analysis for a priority ‘target’.

CATEGORIES: Several categories are proposed for blog content. Please select a category that best fits your blog entry. Do not leave your blog “uncategorized.” If an existing category does not match your topic, please add a new one. We want to keep the categories as general as possible, so don’t select any that are too detailed.

REFERENCING: Please try not to use referencing format – numbers and a list at end – as if you are writing an essay. Instead each item you want to reference should have a weblink. Use the hyperlink function (looks like infinity sign) to block and mark your text, Use the function ‘open in another window.’ If you can find no weblilnk for the document or item you wish to reference, you may of course use an endnote.

HYPERLINKS: Make sure your hyperlinks are set to “open in another window.” That way you won’t lose your readers. Test the hyperlinks before you publish your blog.

GRAPHICS: Try to make graphics small enough to fit among text and have text wrap.  A good graphic near the beginning attracts attention.

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