Take-Home Final Exam

Language and Culture (ANTH 213D;   Winter 2015 )

Due date:  Thurs  March 12   @ 10am  in HSS RM 231A.


Instructions: You  must  answer the question in section (  I ) , and  any  other question   in section (   I I ) .  Each question should not be more than  a 3 page- type-written  essay (  but   not also  a few paragraphs or one-page) . Please begin each essay on a separate page (12 pt font size – double- spaced is recommended). Note: clarity of expression, the appropriate use of examples from the assigned book and concepts learned in class will be taken into account in awarding points.  Make sure that each essay has introduction, body and conclusion. Provide page numbers of cited quotations from the ethnography. Late and electronically submitted papers will not be accepted .


Section I  (this question must be answered for 30 points)   


a)    Drawing on the concept  of  Muy   Macha  as explained  by T REX,  discuss   four main ways   in which Homegirls transgress  societal  gender n orms.  What consequences do they suffer fo r these transgressions  and  do you  think the punishments  are justified  for their actions?



Section II (answer only one question for 20 points)



b) Describe the circumstances that led Norma into studying Gang dynamics. What were some of the initial challenges  that confronted her  in the course  of her   ethnographic research at the SJHS? Which, in your view, were the most challenging  and why ?



c )  Drawing on the concept  of  positionality as  discussed  in class ,  discuss the ways in  which Norma’s  ethnographic   study  of the   homegirls was   either facilitated  or   hindered  by   the social  group she was studying .   Give  4   s pecific e xamples   from  the  book in   support  of  your response.


d) Identify and discuss two of the hypotheses that have been put forward in the ethnography by Norma Mendoza- Denton to  account for  girls’ involvement  in gang activities. Which one is informing the author’s analysis of the experience of Homegirls?


Good  Luck the link to the book


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