Assignment 2 Evidence-Based Pharmacology Paper*****Already A++ Rated Tutorial*****Use as Guide Paper*****

The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity for you to review an area of interest and apply the concepts you have learned in this course to a patient situation. In clinical decision making, you must combine knowledge and evidence to make a good decision. Using critical thinking and reading skills, you will meet multiple objectives for this assignment.

CriteriaSynthesize relevant information, including research related to the diagnosis and treatment of the selected disorder.Recognize the assumptions inherent in the current literature and identify any unstated or missing information.Develop and justify various approaches to the stated problem, including nonpharmacological and pharmacological treatment.Clearly articulate at least two approaches to the treatment of the condition.Defend the choice of the treatment option. This must include a reflection on the availability of peer-reviewed information and your analysis of the credibility of that information.Create a plan for follow-up and referral if needed.

The following are examples of disease states that you might want to study. These are just examples. You can select whatever area is of interest to you.AsthmaChronic Obstructive Pulmunory Disease (COPD)HypertensionDiabetes Mellitus Type IIMajor DepressionMigraine HeadachesPneumoniaTuberculosisHuman Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)Hyperlipidemia

Submit your answers in a Microsoft Word document of 10–15 pages. Include peer-reviewed references in APA format. Be sure to review the directions and grading criteria to assure that you will cover the content well.

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