Week 4 – Regional: Discussions 19 19 unread replies. 183 183 replies.

Week 4 Regional – Discussions Assignment Post in the Discussions by Friday October 21, 2016  (5 Points)

NOTE: Be certain to be comprehensive in your responses in order to receive full credit. One or two sentence responses are NOT acceptable.

From our readings on the Regional topic, please address all of the questions below:

1) – How have you negotiated a cultural borderland?  and,

2) – What is your “Hair Story?”

3) – Choose from one of the readings to relate your response to what you have read. What specific content from the author contains something you can reflect and then relate to with respect to issues or points made?

4) – Min. 400 words  – From the readings, PowerPoint presentations, Thelma Golden’s TedTalk, and your experience with the topics of this week:

Look at yourself with regard to your personal experience with, “Imposed Identity”  – “Chosen Identity”  – “Your membership in your society”  and your “Participatory Citizenship”  and answer the following:

      4 (a) – How has or does art give shape to cultural change from your experience? (Be specific) 

      4 (b) – What legacies can you envision for yourself with regard to your story  and cultural influences?

5) Respond to 4 other student comments.        Subscribed 

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