Answer Play Discussion Questions

Please Read the play attached and answer any 4 questions form the list below:

at least 200 words for each question

1.How was Chicamatsu’s Jojuri/Kabuki audience like Shakespeare’s Elizabethan audience?

2.How was Chicamatsu’s Jojuri/Kabuki audience different from Shakespeare’s Elizabethan audience?

3.Compare/contrast the chanter in Kabuki/Jonjuri to the chorus in the Greek plays we’ve read.

4.Show where the jo-ka-kyu begins/ends in The Love Suicides of Sonezaki. How can you tell?

5.How is the structure of Kabuki similar to/different from contemporary Western Drama?

6.How are characters in Kabuki similar to/different from contemporary Western Drama?

7.Why does Ohatsu suggest a love-suicide?
8.The last line proclaims they are “models of true love.” Do you agree?
9.How is religion important in this play?

10. Kuheiji is broadly painted. Is a one-dimensional villain okay, or do you need more character development for this character? Why or why not?

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