answer following questions

first , View the document and listen to at least ten of the responses as they discuss the business models of their company. 

Second, read the description for “business model” noted on the Wikipedia web site. Many different models are suggested. Once you have undertaken these two tasks, please do the following:Match 10 interview responses with business models noted on the Wikipedia web site Your response should include at least 4 business models. More than one interview response may correspond with a particular business model.For each of the ten matches, please summarize the model in one or two sentences, quote a sentence from the video database interview that leads to suggest the match and identify the speaker as well as his or her company.


Hint: Feel free to use other online information sources to clarify your understanding of business models.

Please limit your response to this assignment to three single spaced, typed pages. Cite your sources in the text and please reference them at the end of your assignment. End your write–up with one paragraph that summarizes what you think is the importance of this assignment.


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