AAS assignment

There are 3 parts for this assignment,


Part 1:  Read APAE9.27 & APAE9.29


Question 1: APAE9.27      Eric Mar talks about a kind of conversion—from a relatively sheltered adolescence in which he was unaware of racism and the problems of the poor to being increasingly sensitive to the immigration issues.  He appears to be saying that he has had to “connect the dots” both backward and forward to develop his commitment to addressing the anti-Asian issues and movements.  As a university faculty, he defines his “connecting the dots” as teaching his students to reconcile theory with practice and academic study with activism to live a life of dignity.  In what ways do the deaths of Kao and George Lee facilitate Mar to connect the dots?  (2 paragraphs; be specific about the textual references; no long quotes from the text)


Question 2: APAE9.29      James Lai argues that the recent suburbanization of Asian Americans (= an increasing number of Asian immigrants and Asian Americans moving to small- and medium-sized suburbs ) has positive effects upon Asian Americans’ political participation/muscle at the local, state-wide, and even federal levels. 

How so?   (1 paragraph; be specific about the textual references; no long quotes from the text)


Part 2: Outline : Film: maya lin a strong clear vision ( Please see the formal outline example attached below)





Part 3: Film/video:  About Love ( I cant find the sources for this film, can you find it yourself please?)

While dramatized, the film is based on a real-life situation.

What is the major Asian American issue in the film?  How is the Asian/Korean native culture played out in the film?  Who in the film represents the Asian native cultural values?  Use in your response concepts/terms such as patriarchy, gender relations, intergenerational views/differences/value conflicts, gendered worldviews, Asian culture’s handling of family problems (2 paragraphs; be specific about the textual references; no long quotes from the text).

Thank you!

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